5 min brisk walk-  4 mins Continuous jogging – 1 min walk 1 min jog rest of walk  2K distance)                                     5 min brisk walk-  Continuous jogging -3.5km 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging-6.5km
Mon 30th January George, Stephen, Linda, Alan Elaine, Martin, Billy, Trevor, Maria Jennifer, Willie, John, Caroline, Ann, James W
Routes Balmoor Terrace-George Garden Avenue-Blackhouse Terrace-Ugie Road-Hay Crescent- Up Balmoor Brae- Down past stadium. Down Balmoor Terrace- Catto Drive- Station Road-West Road- Windmill Road- Catto Drive- Back to track Balmoor Terrace- Down George Garden ave- Ugie Road- Ugie Street- Port Hendry Road- Around Harbour- Past Fresh Catch- Kirk Street -South road- Forman Drive- Cairntrodle- Eden drive- West Road – Crossfold –back to track.
Wed 1st Feb George, Paul, Caroline, Willie, James W Stephen, Susan, Alan, John, Ann Linda , Elaine, Martin, Billy, Trevor, Maria
Routes Up Past Stadium- Down Balmoor Brae- Hay Cres-Ugie Road- Blackhouse Terrace- George Garden Avenue – Balmoor Terrace – down past stadium Catto Drive – Windmill Road- West Road- Station Road- Catto Drive – Up Balmoor Terrace



Crossfolds cres- West rd- Eden Drive-Cairntrodle- Forman Drive – South Road- Kirk Street- Fresh Catch- Around Harbour- Port Hendry Road- Ugie Street- Ugie Road- Blackhouse Terrace- Up George Garden- Balmoor down past stadium